new years resolutions

i am actually one who does enjoy making new years resolutions, and actually do try to come up with meaningful things and stick to them.  this year, i have come up with a few which are:

  1. be healthy: i know…how unique!  well whatever, i mean it.  ive seen the new Bond film “Quantum of Solace” twice now and both times I look at Bond and wonder to myself “if that dude who is 40 something can be that fit, why cant i?” the answer is there IS no reason.  2009 is all about eating right, running, working out, drinking water, and not drinking soda and alcohol.  
  2. keep in better touch: we are all busy, thats nothing new.  but with that we tend to sometimes not talk to good friends and family as much as we want which is not cool.  im going to be better at getting on the phone and talking to people, meeting people in person when i travel, and in an interesting new twist im also going to try to put pen to paper and write people every now and then.  its a lost art form for most of us these days…i wanna bring it back.
  3. travel: last year i made a resolution to go to 5 countries (actually 5 new countries but that was too hard) and achieved it….jamaica, italy, france, spain, and mexico.  this year i want to renew that pledge and try to hit up 5 more.  stay tuned…
  4. learn some new fun stuff:  there are a couple classes and/or courses that ive always wanted to take and im going to make time for them this year.  they include getting my motorcycle license, taking a wilderness survival class, continuing krav maga training, sitting in on some columbia classes and taking a buddhist retreat.  pretty across the board i know, but its what i want to do!  if you wanna join let me know.
  5. treat people well: this one is kinda soft, but its also one of the most important.  with the hustle and bustle of life in nyc it can be easy to keep your body and mind operating at warp speed all the time.  i find that often the biproduct of that is shallow or non meaningful interactions with people.  i want to be more conscious moving forward of not just how i treat family, friends, and colleagues, but also how i interact with the everyday people i meet.  from cabbies to shop keepers to those f***ing tourists that walk slowly down the NY streets looking straight up in the air! 🙂
  6. get up and running: stay tuned for more info on this…

so those are some of my resolutions for 2009…what are yours?



  • What in the world time zone is your blog set to? Maybe you should go back and reread that chapter!

  • I think the fact that you only bought a book on blogging a week ago and you already have your own blog up-and-running is really setting the pace for ’09.

  • Pete,
    I think these are great resolutions….now the trick is to stick to them and make them happen! I like the range of your ideas – from health and learning to kindness. I don’t know about the motorcycle license though!

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