Need a song you might hear at a riot, during a war or while entering a boxing match? :)

Damian Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock” album was one of the best albums to come out of Jamaica since his father passed. Part reggae, park rock, part rap, part smooth, part hard…the album had it all. Most people are at least familiar with the title track as that got some US airplay, but there were a number of gems on the album. Two of my favorites were “Confrontation” and “Road to Zion” featuring Nas.  I really got into this album during a trip to Jamaica when I committed myself to listening to some of the albums I had in my music collection from Jamaican artists that I hadnt spent much time with yet. Im glad I did!

Whenever I hear “Confrontation” it sounds to me like the song you might hear a boxing entering the ring to, or the soundtrack to a revolution. What do you think?

“Road to Zion” was a staple at PH3 in New York (my old apartment) and is the the song that first brought Nas and Damien together for what ended up being a long term partnership that resulted in a great duet album between the two.


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