An unforgettable Jay Z / Linkin Park moment…

So I think it was 2007, but I was in NYC and got invited to go to the Linkin Park concert at Madison Square Garden. I saw them once at the LA Coliseum when they opened for Metallica and they crushed it, so I was really excited to see them again.

I went to the show with two friends, one of whom was the VP of Music and Talent for MTV and the other who was the label rep for Linkin Park at Warner Brothers.  Before the show the 3 of us decided to grab a drink at a bar underneath MSG so we headed down there a little before the show was to start. About 15 min into drinks, a guy walks into the bar named John Meneilly who is Jay Z’s business manager and someone we all knew and had worked with, so he stopped over to join us for a moment.  We were shooting the breeze and lo and behold who walks in a few minutes later is Jay Z himself, who also stopped by and said hi. That was all really cool in itself, and then we all walked in to see the show and got to our seats just after Linkin Park’s first song. I didnt put two and two together at the moment because I was so excited about seeing Jay and being at the show, but soon something amazing was about to happen…

After Linkin Park finished what was an incredible set, totally reaching and exceeding my expectations, they went offstage as the crowd cheered for them to come on and perform an encore. Did they ever!  Not only did they come back, but who walks on stage with them but Jay Z! He ended up performing with them the ENTIRE “Collision Course” album that they did together, and I think it ended up being the only time they did that whole set together outside the time they originally performed it at The Roxy in LA for our MTV show.  At the end of the day it ended up being one of the best live shows I ever saw.

Here is one of the classics from that partnership, “Numb”.


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