This is the definition of “Pop Music”

Pop Music aka popular music is often regarded as a four letter word to people, but it shouldnt be. Pop music is called such because it is popular, meaning its catchy and has a beat, rhythm and lyrics that a lot of people will enjoy. The song below my friends is in my mind the definition of pop music and if you give it a whirl you will hear why.

This song is by an 18 year Canadian singer, Alyssa Reid, who has had some success already north of the border. In this song she combines her solid voice with a sample of the classic 80’s song “Alone” by Heart, adds a couple squeaky clean rap versus in between by Canadian rapper P. Reighn (whose name I hope isnt some ode to R. Kelly) and tops it off with a video worthy of TRL circa 2001.

Now to many of you that may sound awful, but it is popular music and many will like it, so deal! 🙂 Here it is, judge for yourself…


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