Don’t Look Back in Anga!

You ever hear a song and it can instantly transport you back in time to that moment in your life, or even a specific situation, when you heard that song? I definitely get that feeling every once and a while and I love it when it happens. You can close your eyes and literally feel like you were placed back in that time and place.

For me, one of those songs is “Dont Look Back in Anger” by Oasis.  I remember clearly packing for freshman year of college in my house and placing my Oasis CD into my new laptop (which was a approximately 2 inches thick) and listening to that track. Then I remember that song playing in my CD player as I moved into Larison Hall at Bucknell.  When I hear that song today I can feel the summer sun coming through the windows of my house and the breeze blowing through the screen door as I packed. I can smell the rubberized stairs I walked up to carry my belongings into my freshman dorm room, and the smell of the older building as I moved in.

One of the beauties of music is that it not only entertains and creates memories, but it also preserves them. It serves as a black box in your mind of moments, both good and bad, and then brings back your five senses to its own melody.  Its one of the many reasons music is so important to me.

If you have songs that give you that feeling or have thoughts on that matter, let me know!

And without further adieu, check out this great live version of “Dont Look Back in Anger.”


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