Newest Guilty Pleasure: Country Music. Check out Luke Bryans newest single

Its a fact. Spending two years of middle school in the midwest and then the past two years in Arizona has turned me into a country music fan. While this may be a difficult reality for my New York friends and family to accept, its true. Like most of America, I must say Im drawn to the music’s simplicity, wholesomeness, patriotism, spirit and community. Ive been to a number of country concerts in the past year and they by and large are fun, happy concerts where everyone dances, knows every lyric and just parties. While driving cross country in early September I was able to see Luke Bryan play with Jason Aldean in Indianapolis and I must say it was one of the most hugh energy shoes Ive been to.  This track, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” is off his 2011 album which was a monster hit on country charts.  I dare you country haters to listen to this one! 🙂


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