ALL TIME FAVORITE: Best November song ever?

Granted, there arent a ton of songs with November in them, but when I think of November and music I cant help but think of what I consider the greatest rock ballad of all time…November Rain by Guns N’ Roses.

This hit from their epic 1992 album Use Your Illusion I is legendary for a number of reasons:

  • its just incredibly well written song
  • it includes not one, not two, but three epic guitar solos by Slash which progressively build on each other until the climax at the end which gives me the chills even today when I hear it
  • the song it nearly 9 minutes long
  • the story and art that went into creating the music video for this redefined that art form by inspiring artists to create larger story lines in videos
  • a symphony plays in the song, which was written and conducted by lead singer and writer Axl Rose

I really dont know of a more epic rock ballad than this, what do you think?



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