Best Song and Video of 2013 Youve Never Heard…

While I’ve been on hiatus most of 2013, churchI’m making it a New Years resolution of mine to be more consistent with my blog. To kick things off again I thought Id come out the gate strong with this song which hits on a couple of things I believe are important to me when it comes to the songs I enjoy.

First, meaningful lyrics. A song about something, knowing that “that something” might be different for each of us.

Second, a great melody. Lyrics can be deep and powerful, but the melody is what sets songs apart at the end of the day.

Third, emotion. A song that really pulls at your emotions and leaves you with a certain feeling you can’t shake is incredible.

Lastly, I love finding new artists that aren’t yet on the radar just because its challenging for me personally, and it also gets me excited when I can introduce people to artists they don’t know yet but might love.

All that said, with the highest recommendation I can give I ask you to listen to “Take Me To Church” by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier and share this link with your friends. The song is absolutely gripping on its own, but combined with this video that very artistically and emotionally highlights the struggles some face around the world cant help but leave you affected.  I wont get too into my thoughts on the video as I want you to experience it first, but feel free to leave comments and share this with friends.


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