Best of 2013: Honorable Mentions

Pearl Jam at Barclays in Brooklyn from my last minute StubHub seats 🙂

These folks didn’t make the best song or best albums list, but they were my favorites of the year for other reasons. They round out what I think were the best tracks or bands of the year. If you don’t know all of these yet, definitely check them out. Any categories I’m missing???

Also, don’t forget to share the blog with others. The more people talking about music and sharing the bands and songs they enjoy the better for all of us.


Best Lyrics: Pearl Jam “Sirens”

This is Eddie Vedder at his best. Just listen to this song and read the lyrics and you’ll know what I mean. Some of his most powerful songwriting yet.

Best Live Show: MS MR

Was able to see this  NYC band out in San Francisco this year and they were amazing. There’s few bands that can sound like they do on the album while playing live, and fewer that has as much fun as they do. Check out this live performance of my favorite song of theirs, “Hurricane”.

Best Comeback: Arctic Monkeys

These guys had a record breaking début album back in 2005 (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not) that ended up being the highest selling début album in British music history. Not bad, but it also leaves your future endeavors with a bit to live up to. They finally did so this year, led by this amazing single “Do I Wanna Know?”.

Best Song That Shows You Have a Great Therapist: Eminem featuring Nate Reuss “Headlights”

I give this song this award with nothing but respect. Eminem’s upbringing, poverty, drug abuse, etc are all well-known at this point, and so was his hatred for his mother and ex-wife. This song of his new album however shows that he has come to peace with his mommy issues, and in a very smart, thoughtful and powerful way.

It’s probably best to refresh yourself on old Eminem’s thoughts on mom by re-listening to “Cleaning out My Closet” (you can start at the 2:57 mark), and then checking out his new single “Headlights”.

Best Rap Song: Kanye West “Black Skinhead”

This was an off-year for hip hop in my mind. There were some good releases from the bigger names in the genre, but nothing that was too exciting. Say what you want about him, but Kanye was the only one that came out doing something unique, provocative and creative. I think this track was the best offering in the rap community this year.

Best Badass Chick Song: Miranda Lambert “Gunpowder and Lead”

You thought messing with Carrie Underwood was bad? At least she only messed up your truck…Miranda’s gonna take you out if you mess with her! This song quickly turned into an anthem for scorned women nationwide, as it should. It’s just badass!

Best Song About Jake Gyllenhaal: Taylor Swift “All Too Well”

Wanna know how T-Swizzle felt about her 6 week relationships with Jake? Just listen, she tells you everything in this song just as it happened she imagined it 🙂

Best Last Hurrah: George Strait

The man they call “The King of Country” is retiring this year and going on his last tour ever this year. Be sure to check it out if you can. Either way, he drops a classic country gem of a love song on his new album to make sure he goes out on top of his game. We’ll miss you Dusty!

Most Poignant Song: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Same Love”

This song speaks for itself. Probably one of the greatest issue focused songs ever made in my mind. And its timing couldn’t have been any more relevant as it became the theme song around the Supreme Courts decision around gay marriage/human rights this year. This is musicactivism at its best!

Most Infectious Song: Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait”

Does this song not just make you want to get up and start dancing around? Well it does for me, and I often times give in to that feeling 🙂 I wish I was at this show at Red Rocks!

Best New(ish) Artist and Album: Imagine Dragons

These guys absolutely crushed it in the past year and became what I think is the hottest new band in the country. You may have heard of them first right here on this blog about a year ago, but now they’re on fire. They also have a great documentary of the making of this album, Night Visions, that’s worth checking out.

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