This French band has somehow dodged the internet…

Well, I can’t tell you where I found this band, rococoRococo, especially because after I tried to learn more about them after having them on my Spotify playlist I couldn’t find much about on the internet. That’s largely because the name of their band is also the name of an 18th century arts movement and because there was a UK rock band in the 70’s with the same name. And also because it seems they’ve somehow avoided every possible way to be found as a band online. Ugh…

What I can tell you is this: 1) they’re French 2) it’s really hard to find them on the internet (wait, what?) 3) some of their music and videos are not available outside France (sweet) and 4) the song of theirs of their 2010 album called “Misunderstood Love” is fantastic and is a great song for your happy/summer/nice weather/upbeat-relaxed playlist. Check out this live acoustic version of the track from a French radio stop.

Oh yeah, and if you have better success digging up info on them hit me up!


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