Which Track Is Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure???

Recently I was on a business trip and as I drove around in my brown Kia rental car (yes, either they still do make brown cars or I got the last one) and the Top 40 station automatically played on the satellite radio when I turned the car on. I obviously wanted to see what was on rotation, and two songs kept coming on that I knew already but enjoyed even more as a drove around and they played several times throughout the trip.

They were “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and “Night Changes” by One Direction.  Both of these are incredible songs written by talented artists. While you probably know Ed is a talented songwriter on top of being a great performer, many don’t realize that the gents from 1D having writing credits on most if not all of their songs. This surprises many who may presume they are just another boy band who show up to sing and dance.

Check out the videos from these UK stars and let me know which guilty pleasure you like the best!

Also, if you were thoroughly impressed with Ed’s dancing in that video, check out this behind the scenes:

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