It’s a revelation thats been rumored for over 20 years, more seriously in the past month, and now it appears to be true: Guns N Roses are reuniting! 

They’re the band that bridged the gap between glam rock and grunge, were the soundtrack to rebellious youth around the world, and defined the term “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll”. GNR last played together in 1993, and is now slated to reunite at Coachella before launching a stadium tour across the US next summer (2016).

I saw “Guns N Roses” play at Governors Ball in NYC in 2013 and my expectations were very low that 1) they would show up on time, 2) they would show up at all or 3) they would live up to the high expectations of my 10 year old self who would sneak into my buddy’s basement to listen to them in the late 80’s. Surprisingly, my fears were unfounded as Axel Rose ripped flawlessly through a set of their greatest hits that has my expectations now incredibly high for this reunion tour.

No info has been released yet on their summer tour but I will share that info as soon as its out. Stay tuned…

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